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[11:04:50] Guest[Wilko] :

questions are very welcome

[11:06:53] Guest[LIONfan] :

To the moderators:

[11:07:28] Guest[Wilko] :

questions are welcome ad we relay them to the surgeons

[11:09:19] Guest[LIONfan] :

To the moderators en Prof leLennatz: Is the device prof Lennartz is putting in, included in all healthcare system in Europe? Thanks

[11:10:45] Guest[Wilko] :

We have plenty of time today so any surgeons watching or patients are encoraged to particpate with their "real time" questions. We will ask them when the opportunity arises. The Moderators

[11:19:02] Guest[Wilko] :

[LIONfan] We will discuss the European funding of total middle ear implants later.

[12:06:21] Guest[LucaUser1] :

These bones are quite small. Can anybod indicate the size like with an instrument?


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Wilko - 07 December 2018 05:31

We (Global Telemedicine Studios) have years of experience producing live OR (operating theatre) video streams of any surgical procedure of any specialty. We are equipped to have multiple international sites stream live from their OR and have moderators guide the viewer through the experience. We prefer to work in HD but 4K (UHD) or 3D (stereoscopic) transmissions are possibilities. We also provide live streams of conferences. (LION-web.org)

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