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[09:18:02] Invitado[manuel] :


[10:10:11] Wilko :


[10:10:19] Wilko :

Questions are welcome

[10:39:32] Invitado[Marbellas] :

Good Morning from Marbella (Spain). We have very bad audio. Why Dr. Aldren has cancelled the surgery? Footplate seemed to be mobile... But we havenĀ“t heard the reasons for cancelling it. Thank you.

[10:42:47] Guest[hello] :

What are you doing???!

[11:16:34] Guest[Wojtek] :

The audio is low

[11:18:04] Guest[Wojtek] :

can you turn it up the sound, please

[12:53:16] Gast[Daniel] :

There does not seem to be any sound.

[12:58:48] Wilko :

thereshould be

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